Our Roans

Our Roan project is something that is very close to our heart. A magnificent specie, that is so underrated and undervalued in many parts of South Africa.
Our Roan conservation project started a few years ago, but only really took of when we joined a partnership agreement with Wynand van Heerden (owner of van Heerden Boerdery). His knowledge and love for these beautiful animals really got us fired up and we started seeing these amazing creatures from a different perspective.

Our project really took a turn for the good when we purchased our new breeding bull from Pymat. Originally named Langa, we decided to change the name to Alabama. Alabama comes from a very strong line of supreme genetics with the impressive 30 6/8" Gerber as sire and a 25" dam.

Like Dr Louise Greeff stated, this must be one of the most impressive bulls that he has ever seen.Picture perfect shape and plenty of room for growth

Our Cows our sought after and only purchased from the most renowned breeders in the country, thus insuring that our gene pool is some of the best in the country. 

Our last addition to our herd was in 2021 at the Kriek Wildlife Auction, when we purchased five very impressive Roan heifers all in calf to "Bees". Bees is truly one of the best Roan bulls this country has ever produced and has everything a breeder wants in a bull. Quality length, big body, thick bases and a unheard off 25" tip-tip. Bees was also rightfully the most expensive Roan sold at auction in 2021. 

In 2021 we also hunted the pending SCI World record Roan, with a handgun. A true remarkable experience for us and our client and something we are very proud of.