• Best bow hunting safari in South Africa. Grootvallei offers some of the best bow hunting safaris in the world.

Bow Hunting

Three Bow hunting hides located all around the property, that creates perfect conditions for the bow hunter to place the perfect shot.
With the animals being very use to the hides, average distances for hunting is around 20m. The success rate is very high with most of the hides.

At Grootvallei, bow hunters have the option of using the hides or a walk and stalk technique.

Hunting facilities and equipment:

Hides: Our hides are well built to create numerous shooting opportunities for our bow hunting clients.

Vehicles: All our vehicles are maintained and equipped to a high standard. Insuring that our guest are comfortable and their bows are safe during traveling time.

Skinning facilities: Our skinning facilities and cooling store are hygienic and very clean.Salt room and dip-tanks are also well-organised. 


Please note:

  •  Our hides can accommodate one hunter, one observer and our PH of choice.
  •  Our rates for bow hunters are slightly more expensive due to the time consuming efforts that bow hunting requires and the additional hay that is also used prior and during the hunt for feeding purposes. 
  • Unfortunately we do note allow bow hunters to access the hunting terrain or hides without the company of our PH's or guides.

The hides at Grootvallei allow bow hunters to get close to their target. All of our hides have been assessed by Adventure Archery.